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ChillFunkEz3000 - do you think the potential spread of prospects is not a good distribution currently?

I think player generation is reasonably -- I think this is more about improving the draft mechanism for them -- one that allows for a bit more control, strategy and team planning/shaping (by providing more information and options).


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Echo Mike - WOW!!!!

Clarification Question for Post 64401:

User selects 1 category and gets

A) All postions across College for example
B) All pools across Pitchers?

Thanks for the peek!

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Don't know how I got that emoji - too early!

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Looks great Steve!!! Get much better scouting report for all picks. When we see stats on player page. That works. Plus my fave is we can pick a pitchers in 1st round choice. Can't wait to try new features!!!
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Great work on the new draft mechanism, it looks great.

"...do you think the potential spread of prospects is not a good distribution currently?

I'm not disputing that the potential spread of prospect players isn't a good distribution. I mentioned in my post that those percentages were for example sake alone.
What I'm saying is that even with a great player distribution across the draft board, some leagues will get better players than others because of the single draft board system, I mean it's impossible to control that do to it being one single board where every team from every league dips. Prospect players aren't being distributed fairly because of that IMO. If we were to use that same prospect distribution (obviously using percentages to reduce the # of players like I did in my previous example post) that is now in use but on a individual draft board for each league, we would make sure that every team in every league would have a fair shot at all the players.
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That looks really awesome Steve 👍👍
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I think distributing the pool across the entire player base is more balanced. This equalizes the effect of the bots across the player base instead of punishing the players in better leagues.

As a DVI player currently, it would be great for me to have individual league pools...but I don't plan on being here forever.

@Steve: Change looks great to me! You can still get hit by an unlucky pool, but at least you won't miss the strong prospects in your pool if they are there. This also creates dynamic choices when there are multiple good prospects in the pool as we will have enough information to project eventual builds.

I was nervous about changes to the draft, but this keeps the spirit of the traditional Broken Bat draft. Love it!!!

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This looks very awesome.
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So this is first come first serve starting at 2:00 AM PT? The first guys to log in get all the good players?
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This is the breakdown of all my draft picks by potential since the '27 season. I usually pick several hours after 2:00 AM PST Fridays, and sometimes up to a few days after. Except for my first 8 picks of '27, I pick the best available players based on scouting report comments.

POT... # of picks
15... 1
14... 5
13... 32
12... 20
11... 29
10... 18
9.... 5

I think I have done average in my picks. I do not think, as a whole, I have done worse than people who pick at 2:00 AM.

I appreciate that Steve is giving us more options and information in future drafts. I don't see a problem in keeping the the 10 player draft page based on which draft pool is selected.

I think a better way to build a Major League roster is a bigger Minor League roster. This way, I could keep more border line players that I may release right away based on a less than stellar build. I could keep them in the minors to see how they grow and perform. To me a draft based on probability is the best way to go based on the size of this league.
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@ Steve - incredible work, there's always going to be cynics but I don't see any way of criticising what you've done there, it's exactly what BB is all about, I wonder about hiding the potential again as it used to be so that there is an element of guesswork but I can see the argument to leave it as it ls.

The real world examples I'd provide would be Mark Buerhle and Kevin Pillar, both drafted in the 30th something round and have had solid major league careers. If we consider they're equivalent to a pot 13 then they'll get snapped up a lot sooner. Not necessarily a bad thing, but as Freddy would point out, I do enjoy dumpster diving!

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