Haltom City Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame Players

Hall of Famer Mel Olsen
United States   #49 - Mel Olsen [ID #89469]     OF
Home Town: Toledo, Ohio           School: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: OF
Games 1201, AVE .315, OBP .351, SLG .552, OPS .903, H 1575, 2B 375, 3B 12, HR 262, RBI 940, SB 1
Watertown White Apes    
7 time All Star
5 time All League        
3 time League MVP

Hall Of Fame Managers

Hall of Famer Jamar Schwartz
United States   Jamar Schwartz [ID #248]     Manager
Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
Hall Of Famer
Games 1562, League Wins 621, Playoff Wins 4, Playoff Championships 1, Cup Wins 86

Hall of Famer Ron Snow
United States   Ron Snow [ID #770]     Manager
Birthplace: Lauderhill, Florida
Hall Of Famer
Games 1016, League Wins 386, Playoff Wins 4, Playoff Championships 1, Cup Wins 63

Hall of Famer Mario Ayala
United States   Mario Ayala [ID #2669]     Manager
Birthplace: Clovis, California
Hall Of Famer
Games 3359, League Wins 1315, Playoff Wins 8, Cup Wins 173