Makakilo Eruption

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Location: Makakilo, HI (Pacific)

League: II.2 - West

Owner: Jobywan send message
          [since April 08th 2020 | last seen September 25th 2023]

Manager: Logan Moffitt

Ballpark: The Caldera

Rank: #18 - Rating: 206.18

Fan Mood: 116.38

Prestige: 32

Color: Red & Gray

Team Notes:

• Jan 13 2061: Oscar Barbosa was hired as the new coach.
• Jan 13 2061: Coach Landon Crouse was let go.
• Jan 13 2061: Major Joyner was selected to the national team of Virgin Islands.
• Jan 13 2061: Jaime Oviedo was selected to the national team of Venezuela.
• Jan 13 2061: Luiz Guilherme Azevedo was selected to the national team of Brazil.
• Jan 13 2061: Johnny Joyce was released.
• Jan 13 2061: Alex Brinkley was hired as the new coach.
• Jan 13 2061: Coach Oscar Barbosa was let go.
• Nov 02 2060: Stacy Johnson was named the Rookie Pitcher of the Year.
• Jan 13 2060: Landon Crouse was hired as the new coach.

League Record:

Wins: 42     Losses: 33     Pct: .560     Last10: 8-2     Streak: W1

Ave: 4.8 - 3.9     RS: 357     RA: 296     DIFF: +61         Power Index: 103.8


Group 123 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Nov 02 2060: Makakilo ERUPTS! - by Jobywan on August 9th, 2023

It took five seasons, but Makakilo put together a fantastic 98-win season this year, advancing their home-grown squad to LL2.

Rich Mueller was an inspiration in the playoffs, hitting .565 with an OPS of 1.44. The Sunrise showed a lot of heart, but it was over in 6 games. Can this surprise farm-league system continue to impress?

Aug 31 2058: Makakilo's Home Grown Squad Goes to the Cup Finals And ... - by Jobywan on February 20th, 2023

After squeaking out on 11-inning win in game 1, the boys just didn't have anything left. The bats went cold and anything that could go wrong (2 hit batters in the final game Mr. Dimas?)... did go wrong.

Hat's off to Lakeland with a dominant cup run this year. The Eruption still has promotion hopes, sitting just one game behind Rockford for the III.4 West title.

Nov 02 2055: What A Series! - by Jobywan on July 20th, 2022

In the 13th inning of game 7, Miguel Rivas smashed a three-run-homer to clinch the series. Makakilo's home-grown project continues to astound as they manage a third promotion in four seasons.

Will LL3 slow them down?

Oct 29 2054: Makakilo Sweeps Wichita! - by Jobywan on May 3rd, 2022

Baer pitched four saves in four games and Rivas smoked the opposing pitchers with an OPS of 1.17 as the Eruption secured their 2nd playoff victory and promotion in the past 3 seasons.

Makakilo has surprised the league with their success, choosing to develop all their own players while shunning the revolving-door waiver market.

Can their success continue as they climb to more competitive leagues?

Oct 30 2049: Blue Jays Win! - by Jobywan on April 13th, 2021

Congrats to the Blue Jays who dominated the Makakilo Koi in a gentlemen's sweep of the playoffs. The first two games were hard-fought overtime wins, and the Koi just couldn't generate momentum in response.

Banda was a beast during his two starts with an ERA of 1.20, and Guzman's bat was smoking hot, finishing with a BA of .368 and OPS of 1.113.

Can these two teams make an impact in DV next season?