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#79861 Forum >> Help >> 1st season follow-up NotGood88 01/23/2021 5:02:50 pm
Agree Rock, but De Smet is still posting similar numbers to their P.
#79862 Forum >> Help >> 1st season follow-up Rock777 01/23/2021 6:25:12 pm
I think De Smet is a little better. But reality is, with scouting error, its actually possible for 14/15 to be better than 16/17 ;) I just don't think that is the case here.
#79863 Forum >> Leagues >> III.2 AssumedPseudonym 01/23/2021 10:07:25 pm
 Yeah, I’d say the Dawgs have put themselves into the race for the final two series. Nice little three-way furball at the end of the season, though? This is what the game is all about, and why you don’t throw in the towel if you’re eight games under .500 going into interdivisional play. Glad to have you up around the top of the standings, especially after both of us had fairly horrific starts to the season.

 The next series against one another could make or break things for either of us. Let’s see what’cha got. ^.^

Updated Saturday, January 23 2021 @ 11:06:13 pm PST
#79864 Forum >> Help >> 1st season follow-up NotGood88 01/24/2021 7:34:18 am
For sure De Smet is better. But still, 92 SI Alfonso Alberro (2.69 ERA, 67 IP) is putting up a much better ERA than De Smet (3.87 ERA, 220+ IP).
#79865 Forum >> Help >> 1st season follow-up Rock777 01/24/2021 7:49:25 am
Some of that is just RNG luck. Alberro is having a very good year. But also, SI/POT isn't a good measure of how good a player is. You'll notice that half of my pitching staff is POT 12s, and yet we have one of the best staffs in III.1. Picking players based on SI/POT alone has always been a bad idea. Even worse now that there is fuzziness in POT.

I have cut numerous POT 14s in favor of better performing POT 12s. At the end of the day performance is all that matters. And a POT 15 who can "never be a good hitter", is still a waste of space on your roster regardless of SI/POT.

Updated Sunday, January 24 2021 @ 7:52:36 am PST
#79866 Forum >> Help >> 1st season follow-up NotGood88 01/24/2021 7:53:21 am
Well, yeah, I know that, I focus on CON and MOV, which is why my 86 SI middle reliever, Ojeda, is doing OK (and pretty good for 86 SI, 3-4, 1 SV, 3 HLD, 69 GM, 52 IP, 4.33 ERA), and also why he’s still on my team even with a crazy 5 Velo. It’s the 12 MOV and 16 CON that helps him
#79867 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 Rock777 01/24/2021 2:11:43 pm
Now Bearden is out for the rest of the season :( RNG is really working hard to take us down :(
#79868 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 Jason2327 01/24/2021 4:10:07 pm
Considering I have by far the worst offense, I am hapoy I am going to stay in III this season
#79869 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 JJRR 01/24/2021 4:16:40 pm
Congrats Jason!
#79870 Forum >> Leagues >> II.2 Kirito_Whale 01/24/2021 4:18:08 pm
Going 6-14 against Laredo this season is really about to cost us our promotion to Legends... Really hate to see it... guess it's going to come down to the final 3 games of the year once again against SLO.

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