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#57997 Forum >> Discussions >> Bots are dominating my league AssumedPseudonym 01/22/2018 6:15:40 am
 If a particular league has had a lot of teams with a string of one-and-out owners, a team that’s been under bot management long-term might do fairly well. Teams taken over by owners who never log in to do anything won’t draft, sign free agents, promote from the minors, or cut overpriced/underperforming players. Get a few teams in a league like that, especially if they go through several seasons like that, and they’re going to suffer. At least a long-term bot-managed team will do basic maintenance on the team, and sometimes get lucky with a first round draft pick or an under-the-radar free agent.

 Also, teams that were once league powerhouses can remain so for quite some time after an old owner who had been actively working on the team decides to leave the game. This is especially true for bot teams recently demoted from V, such as Anchorage. Anchorage is actually something of a special case: They are not only just demoted from V, they also have a payroll that drove them to bankruptcy. Until the bot cuts more players on the team, they are probably going to be brutal in the West.

 tl;dr: Common? No. Unheard of? Also no. Reasonable? Debatable.
#57998 Forum >> Leagues >> V.12 Cactusguy21 01/22/2018 6:41:50 am
Told you I didn't believe in the Koi.

2 wins in the last 14.
#57999 Forum >> Discussions >> LL5 Thus Far wickersty 01/22/2018 7:52:31 am
Well, first off I've grown to hate lefty starters, so I'm biased unless they really look good.

That said, first my general opinion: you've assembled a lot of POT13 minor league pitchers, which is nice. But a lot of them have no scouting comments at all, other than a stamina comment. I think it's a fine idea to have one or two guys in the minors with a higher POT but no scouting comments, because if their builds pan out they can become decent low inning L/R specialists (see my guy, who is only a POT12). But I'm not really sure that I would stockpile a bunch of starters who have no scouting comments. They'd have to have real low defensive ratings in order to develop a lot of pitching ratings... real high CoS and Control, to make up for having average to below average of everything else. Just my opinion. Maybe it's worth stockpiling them because of their POT13, but keep a willingness to cut them as/when you acquire guys with some positive scouting comments? So I won't mention any of those guys specifically, since these thoughts cover any POT12 or POT13 pitching prospect that you who have no scouting comments.

In terms of specific guys:

Phelan is a very underdeveloped POT 13 LH bullpen arm with sub-par control, which makes him very close to if not an immediate cut for me.

Briggs does not have good control, and has a "limited innings" bullpen specialist type, that's going to likely hurt you. I wouldn't hold onto him if it were me, probably.

Hensley is grossly underdeveloped, but I'd keep him to see how he develops, unless you acquire someone better to replace him. He has a decent scouting and defensive line, he's just REALLY behind on his development.

Hugo is SO far behind on development that he may be a lost cause.

Lugo is even MORE behind, and is definitely a broken prospect. I think he's wasting a roster spot for you.

Trevino is starting his career from a low SI number, and he's a lefty, but other than that he's a starter with movement and no bad control scouting comments. I'd definitely keep him through his development to age 25 and see what he turns into.

Palacio has too much going against him for me. I'd release him.

Soto is underdeveloped, but but at POT 13 with fastball pop I'd hold him until you are forced to cut him due to roster space. Maybe he'll turn out serviceable?

Beals is a keeper to at least find out what he turns into when he's done developing.

Masters has "wild" control. I don't think I would touch that, unless he was a POT 14 or higher with an otherwise excellent build potential. I think he will hurt you when he's major league ready. But he's a starter, and if you have good defense behind him, maybe he'll survive as a major leaguer. I don't know that I would bet on it though.

Lopez - yes yes yes your number one pitching prospect. Pet him, feed him, love him.

Updated Monday, January 22 2018 @ 7:54:42 am PST
#58000 Forum >> Discussions >> Bots are dominating my league Seca 01/22/2018 8:11:32 am
The 3 teams at the top of the West all had a single manager for 5 or more seasons, and haven't been vacated that long. That increases the chances the teams are put together well, and may have some staying power.

The team at the top of the East has flipped much more often. There likely isn't much of a "vision" behind that roster, and probably not much of a pipeline in the minors (I didn't check tho). On the surface, this team looks like it is being buoyed by a couple of superstars. Teams like this are pretty fragile - if they run into financial difficulty, they may cut one or more of those top players and become much weaker.

It's not particularly common but it is reasonable, especially at Level VI. Given time, any human team should become good enough to beat a bot team though.

Agreed. Having a bot managed team play at 50% power doesn't do human managed teams any service. Better for a new manager learning the ropes to spend a few seasons mid table in VI then to promote to V on the basis of bot throttling and go 40-120.

You see comments every once in a while (usually in Cup threads) from managers indignant over losing to a bot team, as if some law of nature has been violated. Never really understood it.
#58001 Forum >> Leagues >> V.12 wieditor 01/22/2018 9:38:52 am
Albany has a nice roster. I'm not sure my pitching staff can produce much more than a .500 season.
#58002 Forum >> Discussions >> Wrestlers in BB PrivateSnowflake 01/22/2018 10:15:29 am
Cool idea. Here's what I found:

Steve Richards, Al Snow, another Al Snow, Shane Douglas, Jerry Lynn.

#58003 Forum >> Discussions >> Wrestlers in BB Ced 01/22/2018 11:43:37 am
Macho Man Randy Savage is retired from BB.


Updated Monday, January 22 2018 @ 11:43:57 am PST
#58004 Forum >> Discussions >> Bots are dominating my league Rock777 01/22/2018 12:49:11 pm
Didn't we have a bot team win the Legends league?
#58005 Forum >> Discussions >> Bots are dominating my league Cactusguy21 01/22/2018 1:16:43 pm

I believe so, but it was a recently vacated bot.
#58006 Forum >> Leagues >> V.12 Cactusguy21 01/22/2018 1:19:20 pm
Albany looks pretty scary.

And your pitching is better than mine anyway, and I'm above .500, so you never know.

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