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#66965 Forum >> Help >> Bullpen question? dsz071 07/14/2019 10:01:02 am
The more I thought about it after reading your last post the more I realize it probably went down how I would prefer. I think I just got confused because I was only down by 3 at that time but it was the 9th and huge rallies aren't that common so... I'm fine. Thanks for helping me look at it differently.
#66966 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 Holmes 07/14/2019 2:26:29 pm
You forgot to mention that on top of it all, with a narrow lead in the late innings, the Korean Kim gets pulled for a Japanese American guy who promptly strikes out to lead off the top of 9th and then allows another hit to center field.
And, by the way, that's some amazing outfield defense you have there.
#66967 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion Seca 07/14/2019 4:30:19 pm
I thought it was good Garfscores.

And part of the beauty of the pyramid structure is getting to play against different teams. One does get weary of playing Moran and Elkins etc over and over again. Totally fair wanting someone different. I can see a bright side if we don't pull things together.

I doubt Murillo stays long. He's basically the same player as Rivera who is 3 years younger and 1 level behind. The hope was maybe Murillo would be ready this season if things really went off the rails for Waterloo. Doesn't look like he's that advanced tho.

He was a fun waiver. :) Was playing chicken with someone. They claimed to make it 1 then I'd claim to make it 2. They'd withdraw, then I'd withdraw. Rinse repeat. In the end I withdrew leaving him claimed, but whoever the other team was had the last laugh, withdrew their claim, and let him go FA. :)
#66968 Forum >> Leagues >> VI.30 Alyksandur 07/14/2019 6:58:32 pm
 …And then he did it again.

 Also, in the previous game, my long reliever went 132 pitches in a complete game filling in for an injured starter. I’m pretty sure the following sentence occurred after the eighth inning: “I’m exhausted, coach; throw me back out there, my brain’s too tired to get in the way and I’ll probably get ’em one-two-three.” And so he did.

Updated Sunday, July 14 2019 @ 7:02:56 pm PDT
#66969 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft #6 Seca 07/15/2019 6:58:08 am
Very nice. :)

Not a complaint, but with:
- higher retention rates
- higher placement levels
- higher SI (?)
I think I'm seeing that it's more difficult getting minor league action. Especially for the fringey guys (the ones you'd really like some data from).

I find it a little curious that none of my draft picks this season have changed potential (a guy I kept from last season has, but none of my '41s). Has anyone seen a '41 move bar? Last season it seemed to happen very shortly after draft day. Wondering if the timeline has been changed/stretched.
#66970 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 PrivateSnowflake 07/15/2019 8:32:00 am
Well that was a couple of ugly series. Pitching is still on break.
#66971 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft #6 Frankebasta 07/15/2019 10:13:38 am
I agree that we are not having any feedback on fringe minor leaguers.
I signed a few low pot-high hopes kids, and they almost never play, whereas other more developed players are getting an inordinate amount of playing time: Green had 297IP in 2040!

As for the innacurate potential, my understanding is that it came to life after round 4 (or 6?) of 2040, and it was retroactive to round1 2040.
That's why so many 2040 draft picks changed pot!
I read the new potential as innaccurate, and the original one as real.
Just my opinion, I have no better info than anyone else :)
#66972 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 Luizmussa 07/15/2019 12:22:42 pm
Yeah, that was ugly! Both our teams weren't sharp on the mound. Feels like I got lucky.
#66973 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft #6 Rock777 07/15/2019 3:23:48 pm
Yeah, there are a couple guys I cut because I couldn't see any data on them.

Like this guy. I was excited when I picked him up on 1 claim, because I thought he was going to be a sleeper, but if he can't get innings, it will take forever to figure out what he is. So cleared his space for another prospect.

Updated Monday, July 15 2019 @ 3:25:34 pm PDT
#66974 Forum >> Help >> Where do i type in player ID#'s? michaeltodd2 07/15/2019 6:19:44 pm
Can someone tell me where to look to find the place that will allow me to type in a player id#? Assuming we have one? Thanks.

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