Lauderhill Lions

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Location: Lauderhill, FL (Southeast)

League: V.4 - East

Owner: roschinael24 send message
          [since April 05th 2014 | last seen March 30th 2020]

Manager: Stephen Horan

Ballpark: Bryant Park

Rank: #246 - Rating: 112.92

Fan Mood: 139.00

Prestige: 29

Color: Blue & Gold

Team Notes:

• Jan 15 2045: Donald Fowler was selected to the national team of Great Britain.
• Jan 15 2045: Leonardo Puentes was released.
• Nov 04 2044: Jeronimo Rodriguez was awarded the Cy Young award.
• Jun 15 2044: Charley Hopson was released.
• Jan 15 2044: Donald Fowler was selected to the national team of Great Britain.
• Oct 28 2043: Ángelo Esquivel was released.
• May 14 2043: Keandre Carr was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 15 2043: Donald Fowler was selected to the national team of Great Britain.
• Jan 15 2043: Julian Salcido was released.
• Nov 04 2042: Valentin Versalles was named the Rookie Pitcher of the Year.

League Record:

Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Pct: .000 Last10: 0-0 Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0 RS: 0 RA: 0 DIFF: 0


Group 108 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Nov 01 2026: Farewell to all - by roschinael24 on April 6th, 2016

In response to Raleigh braves recent comments I would like to thank them and all the other teams it was a great year was very exciting and difficult it pretty much came down to the end it was really close with multiple leader changes at the top 1-5 was super competitive this year and are all fantastic teams I think any one of us could of won it at the end of the Day it was just so close and congratulations to Palmdale a fantastic franchise who swept us and was obviously the better team. But I bid farewell to you all and I hope for a great legends division next year with me and palmdale to be enemies again and this time it should be different. But good bye all I wish u all the best!!!

Jul 14 2026: New manager enforcing law - by roschinael24 on March 8th, 2016

Doc David Hendrick who has taken over for the legendary manager Ruben happy Padilla with over 1500 wins and 3 championship in his reign, he was a easy going and fun manager with a brilliant and lenient mind. But new manager Hendricks is a more old school baseball teacher and preaches defense and has made some drastic changes letting go of legends such as bender and sharp to hall of gamers but these moves hardly came as surprised with their dipping production. When asked about this Hendricks said " I just did what was best for team creating roster spaces for potential moves In the future and move Padilla was to scared to make because of his relationship with them, I understand what they have done but it's time to move on from them and give young guys like lim madden some chances to shine " since taking over the jets have gone from 3rd to first place and stand 2 games ahead. Is the no nonsense attitude of Hendricks what the guys need to make it to the top or are his moves to chip Kelly like and he's trying to be to much of a tyrant bringing in New players and letting go of proven all-stars and future HOF? Werre these to harsh but look at how they are doing so far... Can we really say that.? GO WEST NEW YORK IN HENDRICKS WE TRUST FLY JETS FLY!!!!

Mar 02 2024: Perfect Game - by roschinael24 on August 29th, 2015

Michael Bear Lee showing coach Padilla he deserves a spot in the pen with pitching a perfect game 9 innings 9k's no hits walks or runs...just 27 straight outs in a 7-0 W against Owensboro stallions you can put a W on the board!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! In other news WNYJ play the Ironbridge knights in a 3 game series over the weekend Carresas...Atkins and brugess are scheduled to pitch for the Jets...ironbridge have a break this weekend They don't have to face the BEAR! But the Vernon cubs will have to face The Papa bears wrath March 5th stay tuned ladies and gents

Mar 02 2024: Spring Time - by roschinael24 on August 29th, 2015

The freshly cut grass, the energy the excitement, the heart break, singles, the doubles,the triples, the long balls,the K,'s back!!! It's baseball time once again in broken bat Spring training!!! All the youngsters getting there opportunity to management to show they deserve a roster's make or break time for some...the close calls... the heartbreak of not making the roster but working even harder 2 get here again next year and make the roster. For some it's the last hurrah...the last time they will get to step on a baseball field...and show people what they's baseball season let's get ready to rock and roll. It's time to hit some dingers baby!!!!

Aug 21 2020: NO HITTER BY THE ACE - by roschinael24 on December 6th, 2014

LESTER BENDER THROWS A No-No against the Rome braves

Wow the No hitter by the man i was shocked cuz earlier in the season he game so close to it but it was a 1 hitter this is y he is the ACE im smelling a CY YOUNG AWARD AGAIN FOR LESTER BENDER AKA KID BENDER, has anyone else had one this year?